The Mystery of Music


Why do I like music?

Indeed, music is life and life is music. If you dig a little deep inside, you will surely find what music means to you. I’m not talking about the dictionary definition that says “sounds arranged in a way that is pleasant or exciting to listen to,” but this is much more than that.

Actually, music is not just about pleasant sounds, but about events in life, what we have endured, appreciated, and, above all, what we have experienced.

Everyone has already cried, laughed, and loved music, and this is the reason why music cannot be torn from our lives. These pleasant sounds that we store on our iPods, computers, and other devices are our identities, and they have been present in every moment of our lives.

But there’s something we shouldn’t forget: music has been a part of our lives since we were babies. Do you remember this sweet lullaby your mom used to sing to put you to sleep or calm you down? Actually, there was a lullaby for every situation.

Sometimes we can’t help moving our feet or even drumming our fingers to a beat. It’s too hard to resist. I’d rather say it’s “instinctive”.

There appear to be two very important components of music that have yet to be mentioned, and I’d like to discuss them: “humming” and “whistling.”These two components have been essential for the evolution of music today (creation of melodies and rhythms). I would call these aspects the “invisible magic of music”.

Why do I like that genre of music or that song?

Music defines us and who we are, because it can sometimes direct our thoughts or even our reactions. We can relate to music or to a particular song, rhythm, beat, flow, or word.

When we share songs with friends, we actually give them a chance to know who we are. It’s a mutual understanding of “hidden” personalities. We mutually offer a part of “ourselves” to discover, and this is the beauty of music.

But you might wonder what kind of mystery I’m talking about in the title. Well, it’s just the fact that we can enjoy the melody and lyrics on their own.

However, the melody and the lyrics are inseparable as they both create a “song.” On the other hand, if we put the melody aside and focus on the lyrics, that particular song won’t have the same effect on us.

We, humans, are inextricably linked with music. It is, in fact, another part of the human being.

To conclude this passionate topic, I will advise you not to restrain yourself from listening to music, as music proves to be great therapy, a back door to our worries and problems, and a ladder to our happiness. How can a piece of music make me feel this way? As I said before, and I always will, “this is the beauty and mystery of music”.

Music can also generate memories, and music is made into memories. A word floats to the beat of a song, a sound to the beat of a rhythm, and events to the beat of music.It is the history of our lives, and one can make a history of it. You can summarise our lives with music. Every moment of life, good or bad, has its own music.

Music has soothed our lives from the cradle and will also accompany us to the last concert of our lives.

I wish you all a musical life full of memories.

Music is life. Enjoy it to the fullest.

“Music is a mystery that makes history”.

I’m Julian from London, and I have a real passion for music. When I was very young, my mother first introduced me to soul jam and French popular music. At that time, my uncles collected reggae records, which they later introduced me to. I was quite fascinated with the richness of the Jamaican patois and the culture. Years passed and brought experience, knowledge, but also eclecticism. I just feel like I couldn’t get through life without music, and every day I’m just thankful that I can listen to a piece every day.

However, there is music for every moment of the day and every event in life. I truly believe that music is just music, no matter the genre.