The rhythm and tones of music

Music is an art form with the medium of sound, with pitch encompassing harmony and melody, as well as rhythm and sonic qualities of texture and wood. Creation, meaning, performance, and definitions vary within social and cultural contexts. The art of making ranges from compositions that are strictly organized to improvised and arbitrary forms. There are subdivisions […]

The benefits of music technology in schools

1. Music technology helps improve the understanding of music theory. “You can use it [Logic Pro] to teach students almost any subject, especially the use of dynamics, in a hands-on way.” J Clarke, BDA, Head of Music. The plugin and automation features in Logic Pro and most music software allow students to understand classic terms […]

Music for a new song

The search for music that you like, or should I say, music that I like, was often a tedious and frustrating task. As I am sure many of you reading this right now will agree with me. Please allow me to define “music the way you like it”. This goes for music that rejuvenates you, that […]