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When your mom is a hit man -
#TheRealDebate -
follow me on insta: stephenpendleton1 (im going to be posting extended vines there too) -
Same Person: last night at the club vs. this morning in your kitchen #beergoggles -
Every time I tried to run away from home -
neighbor -
Are you sure -
Oprah as a boat captain -
When you say you hate homework, but you don't really mean it. -
#Parenthood summed up in 6 seconds. Evancredible (:JohnnaMazing) -
Well, Stiles got possessed by The Nogitsune one time -
shoujo boys are the best boys -
Scary little kid -
:,) -
When your friend plays too much Sims - pt 2 -
Do you want to be somebody? -
millenials -
me. #yurionice || I fell off my bed lmao -
is this real?? -
i luv this shit -
are you triggered? stay triggered. -
Hobi's part makes me feel some type of way -
the presidential debate -
ros -
When you hear someone say lineman aren't athletic (via giuseppe 1976/Vine) -