In this video, I'm encouraging you to motivate yourself to paint by looking at art. I'm giving you three places to see art in person. I got the idea to make this video after visiting the San Diego Art Museum in Balboa Park and feeling the pull to paint myself after seeing the art there. Looking at art by artists who are better than you helps by giving you a higher standard to aim for as an artist.

One of the photos is this video is of a painting by Monet.

video about galleries

video about how to visit an art museum

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My name is Sara Millett. I do portraits and wildlife. Acrylic and graphite are my main mediums, although, I do experiment with other mediums.
If you'd like to buy a painting from me or hire me to paint a custom portrait, visit my website.

'Wanna take up painting and drawing? I teach and encourage beginning artists by sharing my experience with making art. I give tips, do tutorials, and discuss the process of making visual art and what it can do for people. I work in acrylics and graphite doing portraits and wildlife. I will be showing my mistakes and rethinkings when doing tutorials because I believe in being as honest as possible with my viewer. For me, art has always been about the joy of creating, of bringing something into existence that wasn't there before. I love knowing that I can bring a bit more beauty and joy into people's lives. Also, ever since I was a kid, I've loved setting challenges for myself and conquering them. Nothing lets me do all three of these things, creating, adding beauty, and conquering challenges, better than painting and drawing.




Aspie232 is now SaraMakesArt





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