Along with the JCB Dozer, villagers also gather there to see the good and beneficial performance of the JCB Dozer while making the village road which is narrow and muddy. It is expected that after leveling the road by the JCB Dozer they are going to pitch the muddy road so that they can use the dry rather than the muddy and sandy road for their daily life. Performance of the Jcb dozer, while widening the narrow road, is extremely mesmerizing and the villagers, being the spectators of the JCB dozer’s work, seem jubilant. Time and again they seem to be suggesting how and where the JCB dozer should keep the carried earth as we see in “JCB Dozer Widening the Narrow Road of Village” . Here also it is clear that the new facilities like JCB Dozer, Escorts, Komatsu Excavator, Dozer, Volvo Crawler EC210B, Jcb digger, Crab Excavator, road roller etc arrive there to assist and sooth people’s misery and agonies that are resulted from such dangerous, difficult, narrow roads of the village and the like. To view all, please view the video entitled ““JCB Dozer Widening the Narrow Road of Village”
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