♥:. Theme .:♥

Assigned color: RED
Red is the color of fire and blood, therefore associated with energy, war and danger. In different words, red = chorus battles. Red also stands for strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. In our entry, we sing about an exciting fight, we will make a storm! We are ready to fight against our rivals in this war-like battle ;)

Our theme color red can also be seen in the animation, as our vocalists are wearing red clothing. The first half subtles the red, and in the second half, the visuals are brighter, depicting the steady transition of the journey.

We were asked to show what we think our personal strengths are. In this entry we show that even though our three vocalists have different voices, together they can create a powerful song. And not just power, we also harmonize together. But most of all, it is our friendship that makes this an exciting fight for us!

♥:. Vocals .:♥

Miyako (
Raii (
Wolfy (

♥:. Music .:♥

Script: Miyako
Harmonies: All
Audiomix: Wolfy

♥:. Visuals .:♥

Art: Kooh (
Animation: Val (

♥:. Important Links .:♥

Script & translation:

♥:. Original Credits .:♥

Original performance: ℃-ute
Lyrics: Miura Yoshiko
Composition: Hoshibe Sho
Arrangement: Suzuki Shunsuke

♥:. Asset Credits.:♥

♥:. Comments .:♥

Miyako: The revival of Bravehearts, now with freshly added precious staff members ♥ It’s been 2 years since our last cover as Bravehearts. When I saw the announcement of the SUG.4R TV Chorus Battle, I knew it was time to revive Bravehearts. And not only did we get back together to work on something, we also got the amazing combination of Kooh and Val to join us and help us out with the visual aspects of our entry. I’m so thankful ;w; Whether we make it to the next round or not, I’m so proud of what we created! Thank you everyone for the hard work!