Go Fighting Exo Lay speaking korean in Go Fighting compilation
Go Fighting Hello i decided to make a compilation of lay speaking korean in Go Fighting :)

if you want to know the eps of these scenes i wrote them down here:
0:01- ep 3
0:16- ep 9
0:19- ep 6
0:26- s2 ep 6
0:31- s2 ep 5
0:34 s2 ep 9
yw :)

I dont own any of these videos, they belong to the Go Fighting producers and sm
i made this purely for fun and non profit purposes, it is made for people if you are like me and find it interesting when lay speaks a different language in a chinese show lol
and also i gathered and went through all the episodes from season 1 to 2 and found all the cuts where he speaks korean. i dont own anything i just collected and edited it into a compilation :)

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