Please watch in HD! c:

So then, I went WAY out of my comfort zone for this one.
I was hoping I'd make a Danganronpa edit with clips from the anime as the next video, but, I had to settle for this.
I changed up my style almost completely, and honestly, it was a nice challenge. I even started to like using a couple text effects. As well as animating. Animating pictures was rather fun, too.
Big thanks to Noisygirl991 for making a tutorial on how to animate pictures. It helped a lot. And some of her videos, as well as various Danganronpa MEPs, served as my source of inspiration for this project.
Rendering this took...almost 5 hours?...I don't even remember anymore.
What I do remember is that I started a side project while this was rendering. lol It might be the next thing I upload. M i g h t.

So yeah, I suppose that's all I have to say for now.
Enjoy the video! ^w^
And goodnight, everyone. It's 4 AM. lol


Song: Starset - It Has Begun
Programs: Sony Vegas Pro 13 & Adobe Photoshop CS6
Layers: 83
Time taken: ~3 days