Beardbarian parody of Jennifer Saunders' rendition of Bonnie Taylor's "Holding Out For A Hero".

Because no matter the might of the barbarian, sometimes the fight is simply too much. Sometimes you need someone, and that someone is a Healer.

The sometimes-serious adventures of the Savage Beardbarian upon the roads.
From side-quests to laundry day, there's always something to keep a barbarian busy.
Tune in for pearls of savage wisdom, insights into a brutal mind, and perhaps learn more of the mysteries of the seemingly simple Beardbarian.

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Original Song: "Holding Out For A Hero" by Jennifer Saunders
Written, recorded, and mixed by the Beardbarian.

Film Clip Credits:
Battle of Hastings 2012 Reinactment
Original Video:

Intro Credits:
Background Music courtesy of The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps:
Vocal Audio Clips by Satsu2Cents:

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