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One evening I was at her place.

We were giggling under the sheets, enjoying some romantic music.

She held me close and gently stroked my face with her soft fingers.

That gesture felt so good and so warm, that I just couldn't hold my feelings anymore.

I gazed deeply into her eyes and said

"Nothing is ever on my mind the way you are. I swear I don't know how to control myself around you. I could say I love you but I think it's more than that. I am attached to you and I can't stop myself from loving you."

And before I could say anything else, she kissed me.

It was a long, sweet and slow kiss.

A kiss which confirmed that she was mine and I was hers.

We spent the next few moments like two magnets that couldn't keep themselves away from each other.

But just then, I felt something solid tucked away under the pillow.

I gently pulled it out and it looked like a diary.

The shock on her face confirmed that it had things she didn't want me to know.

At first she begged me not to read it, but suddenly burst into tears yelling out

"I was going to tell you, but I didn't want you to hate me! I really wanted you to like me, that's why I started learning about these tricks that make a man fall in love. And I am doing it using something called psychological hidden messages and I've been secretly using these messages on you."

Much to my surprise, this didn't bother me.

Actually, now I couldn't help but love her even more.

I gently kissed her on the forehead and said

"I am glad you did this. You actually made me realize what true love really feels like. You have inspired me to be a better man. I'm blessed to have you and can't imagine my life without you."

But now I wanted to know the whole story.

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