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Right here we’re breaking down footage of Quade Green
He ran with the PSA Cardinals on the EYBL circuit
Averaged 14 PPG, 10 APG, and led them to the Peach Jam Finals.

Lets’ start with leadership...
Quade leads by example, he’s a floor general and he commands his role. One thing I love from him is his constant communication on both ends of the floor. That and the fact that he’s got the toughness to confront teammates when they’re slipping, but he also knows how to lift them up as well.

I think guys really love to play with him because he keeps his head up and doesn’t dominate the ball. He’s great in transition so if you’re a big who runs the floor you’re going to get easy dunks on a regular basis. He understands how to get into gaps, draw help, and make the right pass. He’s very unselfish, like I said before he lead the EYBL in assists by averaging 10 per game in 29 minutes per game, which in my opinion is pretty remarkable by itself. He’s so competitive that it often becomes contagious. He knows how to win and guys seemed to naturally follow his lead in the heat of competition.

Let’s face it, Quade’s not the biggest guard, in fact he’s small, especially at the high major level. But what he lacks in height, he far exceeds in toughness and heart. I think his ability to attack the basket often catches bigs off guard, mainly because of his fearlessness as he attacks the rim. He does a good job of using his body to initiate contact and create separation. He’s got the body control to take a hit, and he keeps his eyes on the rim allowing him to finish the play. All of this allows him to keep the defense honest, he’s known as a shooter but defenders can’t play him too tight because he’ll blow by and get paint touches; if there’s a help-side rotation he’ll drop it off, and if they stay home he can get a bucket. This ability also makes him deadly late in the shot clock when he gets it at the top of the key in a one on one situation he’s very comfortable breaking his man down and making a play.
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