Disney Frozen Snow Glowbz Light & Sparkle Glitzi Globes! La Reine des Neiges Kids DIY Frozen Video [TK].
Today I'm unboxing the new Disney Frozen Snow Glowbz Light & Sparkle Globes Charms! Elsa, Anna and Olaf sparkle and shine inside these cute snow globes. They are similar to Glitzi Globes, the illuminated base makes them magicalt! The best part is you can carry these awesome Disney Frozen Snow globes around with you, where ever you go, you'll never want to Let it Go hehe My Frozen Fever Queen Elsa doll and Princess Anna doll and magiclips dolls help me try them out :)

"Make, shake and wear sparkly Disney Frozen Snow Glowbz. Fill the Glowbz with water, glitter and 'snow', add Anna, Elsa or Olaf then clip on the magical light base. Watch as your beautiful Disney character glistens and glows.
Included in the Disney Frozen Snow Glowbz craft set are necklace threads so you can wear your beautiful glittery creations or give to your friends as magical gifts.
The Light and Sparkle Globe Charms set contains 3 Glowbz with light-up bases, Anna, Elsa and Olaf figures, glitter, 'snow' and water additive, 3 necklace threads with clips and an assembly base."

The box contains: 3 x Snow Glowbz (snow globes) Light up Base, Anna, Elsa and Olaf crystal Figures, blue Glitter, snow and water additive, Necklace thread and clips, Assembly base.

Snow globes in other languages are: In Spanish its: globo de nieve, in French its: boule à neige, in German its: Schneekugel, in Japan its called: スノードーム, in Turkish its: kar küresi, in Swedish its: snowjordklot, in Russian its: снежный шар, in Arabic its: الثلوج العالم, in Greek its: χιόνι κόσμο, in Indonesian its: salju dunia,
in Croatia its called: Snježna kugla and in China, its called: 雪球

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