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The use of MOOCs as a new service delivery tool, thanks to their far-reaching capability, community-building capacity, and superior cost-efficiency, provides seemingly endless possibilities for non-profit visionaries to innovate their human services. But is a MOOC a suitable tool for your organization and your particular project? And how do you MOOC a human service?
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The Toronto Foundation awarded CultureLink, Canada’s non-profit MOOC pioneer, the Vital Idea Grant in 2016 which enabled CultureLink to produce this MOOC to share their best practices in using MOOCs to advance social causes. Course participants will learn about the potential of using MOOCs to deliver human services and how to produce a MOOC.

Course participants will learn about
- The potential of using MOOCs to deliver human services
- Needs assessment, goal setting, audience analysis, and topic selection
- The notion of MOOCommunities - building communities within MOOCs
- MOOC curriculum design (a brief introduction)
- Boot-strapping resource development for a Social MOOC
- Project management and production best practices