****Supplies Used: Supplies Used: Vintage paper, book pages, Matte medium, Gesso, Americana Acrylic paint, titanium white, blue mist, Coral blush, black, raw umber, My stencils: splatters, numbers, old type text

****Stencils are available HERE: http://www.shawnpetite.com/store/#!/stencils/c/14287046/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

******There are free vintage rulers in my shop HERE: http://www.shawnpetite.com/store/#!/Free-Downloads/c/13120037/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

Be so bold and strong, that nothing can disrupt your dreams. Sometimes life has a way of changing our course, it sends us in a different direction. So we have to stay steadfast, and sometimes take a moment to look at the map to realize that we have gotten off track. To be so bold and strong to change direction. Don't give up! You can do this. Be inspired, create and know that you are loved1