Do You Know What Women From Each Sun Sign Are Like In Bed | Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Astrology guides you to judge personality traits and lets you understand your compatibility with others but do you know it also helps in understanding someone’s romantic capability? Well, Sun Sign do reveal about the sexual needs and romantic preferences and behaviours of a person.
We listed out the sexual preferences of women from each sun sign so that you know who you are dealing with in love and in bed.
1. Aries Women
Aries women are fiery and impatient. They like to take charge but they love when you sweep them off their feet. Pursuing is in their nature as they are not afraid to take risks, but they hate emotional games. They enjoy instant gratification so don’t take it slow with an Aries woman unless you want her to die out of boredom.
Aries women are compatible with Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio, Aries and Sagittarius.
Tip: Massaging her head or stroking her hair can really get you some brownie points.
2. Taurus Women
Taurus women are not persuasive in nature, they hate wasting their energy. A Taurus woman is not a thrill seeker instead she seeks pleasure, she delights in over-indulging in sensual experiences. Her foreplay includes chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne or candles. You can woo her with rose petals strewn across the bed.
Taurus women are compatible with Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo.
Tip: A light scent or a minty breeze can turn her on in no time.
3. Gemini Women
They are the real thrill seekers, a Gemini woman not only loves flirting but also enjoys talking dirty. She is interested in experimenting and is very comfortable with her sexuality. The Gemini women love a man who encourages their desire and fuel their airy freeness. They also love to have sex in strange places. For a Gemini woman, mental stimulation is no less important than physical arousal.
Gemini women are compatible with Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Scorpio and Libra.
Tip: Soft kisses on their arms or sucking their fingers can melt them like ice in a really hot weather.
4. Cancer Women
They are the tough ones, if you have a Cancerian woman in your life, you will have to do all the hard work. You will need to make her feel secure if you want to turn her on and they really like to be wooed into having sex so keep your horns ready. Cancerian women are moody yet imaginative, they tend to fall for a lover who is sweet, sensitive and emotional. They love to feel safe in a relationship.
Cancer women are compatible with Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Pisces and Capricorn.
Tip: Basic foreplay with their ample bosoms will make a way for you.
5. Leo Women
They are the star as they love the limelight. Leos shine in bed because they thirst to be appreciated by their partner. There is nothing better for a Leo woman to hear her partner moan with pleasure. She loves to feel like a star in bed but she is also not very trustworthy as she loves herself more than others. You may worship her but it is rare that she worships you back.
Leo women are compatible with Gemini, Aries, Libra and Aquarius.
Tip: Luxurious perfume oils or a sensual back massage make works like a magic on a Leo woman.
6. Virgo Women
Virgo women are mostly assumed as virginal but just because she has an archaic symbol of the virgin representing her sun sign doesn’t mean she knows anything about sex. A Virgo woman may not know how to initiate things but she surely wants to do it. They love partners who make an effort in bed and pay attention to every detail.
Virgo women are sexually compatible with Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn.
Tip: The belly area of Virgo women are sensitive, they also like a partner who stays neat and clean.