Hi everyone,

I would like to share some feeding experience with you guys today, because I believe your correct feeding habits will directly affect the fish as well as this hobby in the long run.

1. We tend to buy super expensive, high end goldfish food, with the highest protein possible to promote growth. However, according to some goldfish experts, too much protein makes the fish grow too fast, without having appropriate proportions fins and tails with their bodies. This can affect their swimming ability. Also, too much protein causes the fat/muscle tissues in their body to affect space, where its swim bladder is, which eventually causes a negative impact on their swimming ability as well.

2. They always look for food, and trying to look CUTE, so we usually tend to feed them more then they need. One time a day is good enough. And Please don't forget my golden rule: One day pellet, one day peas. Frozen peas, without shells, are very very good for them. Peas will not cure swim bladder disease, but can prevent it! so Prevention is the key!

3. Starve them one day per week, and several days per month is essential. As you might already know, they will die from eating too much, but never die from not being fed for a couple of days.

These are all that I want to add to the short video above. If you have any experience/tips/opinion regarding feeding goldies, feel free to comment below so that others can learn from your experience too. Thank you for watching. And again, HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAYS WITH YOUR FAMILY AND OUR WATER FRIENDS!